We appologize in advance if you ever experience any issues or problems with Theme Style themes. We thoroughly test our themes prior to release, but we are not perfect. Please be sure to read this section before you contact us for support.

1. First, have you read the documentation that came with your theme?
Each Theme Style Premium Theme comes with a readme file that includes detailed instructions on setting up your theme. Before continuing, please make sure that you have read through this file.

2. Second, have you watched the video tutorials?
Many questions can be answered by watching the Video Tutorials that come with your theme. You can find them on our website as well as in the documentation that comes with your theme.

3. WordPress is telling you that a theme is “Broken” and “Missing a Stylesheet”. What is wrong?
This occurs when you have not uploaded a theme correctly. For proper installation you should open the zip folder that comes from your download. Within the download is the folder called “Theme”. This is the file you should upload, not the file that comes directly from the download you receive from Theme Style.

4. WordPress tells you that it “cannot transfer/move the file to the server”. What can I do?
This typically is a sign that WordPress does not have permission to create folders on your server. You will need to change the permissions of the cache directory to 777 temporarily while you upload the theme. After the theme has finished uploading, be sure to change the folder back to 755. Leaving it at 777 is a huge security risk and can leave you open to hacks.

5. After uploading a theme your website shows an error and you can’t log in to wp-admin! What happened?
If after uploading a theme your website goes blank or displays an error and you can no longer log in to the WordPress Dashboard, then a compatibility issue has occurred. Don’t worry, your website is still there. In order to get everything back, the first step to take is to delete the theme from your server so that WordPress defaults to another theme that does not conflict with your setup. To do this you will need to connect to your server via FTP and delete the Theme folder from the wp-content/themes directory. Once you have done this and your website is restored, you can then start figuring out what actually caused the problem. Either your theme or your WordPress installation are not using the latest version, or one of your plugins is causing a conflict. Be sure to update a theme, update WordPress and disable all of your plugins before attempting to upload a theme again.

6. Have you uploaded the correct theme folder to the correct theme directory?
A theme file you download from Theme Style includes multiple folders: Photoshop Files, Plugins, Theme, etc. You must unzip the downloaded file and only upload the file called Theme to the correct folder on your server (wp-content/themes/). Do not upload the entire theme file that you download from Theme Style.

7. Do you have active plugins that did not come with your theme?
If you are using additional plugins that did not come with the theme you downloaded from Theme Style, it is possible that one of them is interfering with the theme. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict if a random plugin may cause a conflict. So it is important, if you are experiencing problems, to disable all plugins that did not come with Theme Style theme to see if they are at fault. Try disabling each plugin one by one to find the one causing an issue.

8. Are you using the latest version of WordPress?
WordPress is always updating its product. Theme Style Premium Themes are built and tested using the most recent WordPress version. So if you are ever experiencing problems with your theme, make sure you are running the latest version of WordPress.

9. Have you made any customizations to the theme?
Before contacting us about theme problems, make sure customizations you have made are not causing a problem. If you have made edits to the theme files, try uploading a fresh version of the theme and compare the two.